Friday, June 02, 2017

The Pentecost Offertory: Confirma Hoc Deus ("Stablish the thing, O God")

This version is sung by Cantarte Regensburg:

The text is taken from Psalm 67:29b-30 (Vulgate):
Confirma hoc Deus, quod operatus es in nobis;
A templo tuo quod est in Jerusalem, tibi offerent Reges munera.

Stablish the thing, O God, that thou hast wrought in us,
For thy temple's sake at Jerusalem: so shall kings bring presents unto thee.

Here's the chant score:

William Byrd, among others, set this text. Here's his setting, sung by the Gloriana Ensemble:

The same text (although without the final clause) is used for the Antiphon sung at Confirmation:
"When all are confirmed, the Bishop washes his hands while the following is sung:" - Liber Usualis, 1961; Administration of Confirmation.

Here's a page from the De la Salle Hymnal; this looks to me like a congregational setting of the same antiphon:

And don't forget to read Full Homely Divinity's Pentecost entry!

Here are links to all the propers on the day, from the Benedictines of Brazil:
Dominica Pentecostes ad Missam in die
Introitus:  Spiritus Domini (cum Gloria Patri)(5m07.0s - 4798 kb)  view score
Alleluia: Emitte Spiritum tuum (1m55.4s - 1806 kb)  view score
Alleluia: Veni, Sancte Spiritus (2m02.9s - 1922 kb)  view score
Sequentia: Veni, Sancte Spiritus (2m29.7s - 2341 kb)  view score
Offertorium: Confirma hoc, Deus (1m35.3s - 1491 kb)  view score
Communio: Factus est repente (1m16.3s - 1195 kb)  view score
Ad dimittendum populum: Ite missa est (28.7s - 451 kb)  view score

And here are Chantblog posts on the Pentecost propers:

Here's a piece of Pentecost art, from the well-known Book of Hours Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, Folio 79r - Pentecost the Musée Condé, Chantilly.  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday: Recessit Pastor Noster ("Our Shepherd is Departed")

From the YouTube link: "Paweł Łukaszewski's haunting Recessit Pastor Noster is sung in Ely Cathedral's medieval Lady Chapel to great effect."

Recessit Pastor Noster is the fourth Tenebrae Responsory for Holy Saturday.  CPDL gives us the text:
Recessit pastor noster fons aquae vivae
ad cuius transitum sol obscuratus est:
Nam et ille captus est, qui captivum tenebat primum hominem:
hodie portas mortis et seras pariter Salvator noster disrupit.
Verse: Destruxit quidem claustra inferni
et subvertit potentias diaboli.
{Nam et ille…]

Alternative verse
Ante cuius conspectum mors fugit,
Ad cuius vocem mortui resurgent:
Videntes autem eum portae mortis confractae sunt.

Our Shepherd is departed, the fount of living water,
At whose passing the sun was darkened,
For even he was made captive who was holding captive the first man.
Today the gates of death and their bars as well our Savior has destroyed.
Verse: Indeed He has destroyed the strongholds of the underworld
And he has overthrown the powers of the devil.
[For even he…]

Alternative verse
Before whose presence death flees
At whose voice the dead will be raised;
And seeing him the gates of death are broken.

Translation by Paul Pascal

From the Wikipedia entry on Paweł Łukaszewski:
Paweł Łukaszewski is a Polish composer of choral music. He has won seven prestigious Fryderyk Awards. According to David Wordsworth, Łukaszewski is the best-known Polish composer of his generation in and out of Poland "by far" (Wordsworth 2013, p. 50).


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